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If you own a business, then you know all about the frustration that comes along with issuing keys and changing locks.  This could take place each time you hire or terminate an employee.  At Pro Locksmith Service we understand how this process can go on and on. If this is the case, then you may be in need of a locksmith partner. This is important because businesses that often issue new keys are more susceptible to theft.  This  can compromise areas such as technology and data breaches, the loss of trade secrets, technology based infrastructures or other areas. The overall business security of your company is both valuable and important enough to have as many security procedures in place as possible - preferable processes that prevent these risks from occurring in the first place. Rather than relying on high-end security gadgets (that only provide minimal protection), adding security to your locks and doors adds an extra layer of protection. Pro Locksmith Service offers expert locksmith solution to help you increase the security of your business.

Not only is Pro Locksmith Service a prominent and well-established locksmith company, but we also offer expert security to commercial businesses in a wide array of industries; including places such as business complexes, repair shops, educational institutions, restaurants, hospitals, motels and other agencies. We offer value-added services that saves you money along with in-depth technical expertise that is needed to accommodate and meet the demands of our commercial customers.  This has made us the most sought-after commercial locksmith business in Newark, NJ.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

As indicated above, businesses must be fully secured from all angles.  That means hiring a reliable and trustworthy locksmith such as that will help you reduce risks associated with hiring poorly or untrained locksmiths.  When you hire our company, you’ll recognize our quality and trustworthiness by the work that we perform and by our code of ethics that all our team members must abide by. Each of our technicians are required to undergo a very stringent background check and must also maintain up to date credentials to maintain their employment with our company.  You can trust us with your privacy and with your most sensitive and confidential information.

24 Hour Availability

With  a huge shift in the number  of  people who  work at all hours of  the  day and night, only being accommodating to those who work from 9 -5 is no longer an option. To keep up with these trends, we offer services outside of the 9-5 timeframe as well. We will be there for you at whatever time you may encounter an emergency lock out service in the Newark area.  Just contact us at 866-700-7337 whether its early  in the morning or late at night, we’ll have you up and running so there’s little to  no disruption to your business.

Free Security Consultations

If you are not 100 percent certain that your current security system will hold up against today’s security threats, with Pro Locksmith Service you no longer have to worry.  We offer free security consultation so that you can receive the best recommendation for your current situation. Our team of expert technicians will provide you with an expert opinion and solution for setting the best security framework that reduces risk.  We will only recommend security measures that will bolster the highest security levels possible without breaking the bank.

Other Security Solutions:

  • Pro Locksmith Service  866-700-7337Advanced lock installation
  • Key cutting service
  • Garage door services
  • Master and sub master key setup
  • Magnetic lock deployment
  • Commercial lockout assistance
  • Tailor-made business security solutions
  • Safe installation/unlocking
  • File cabinet lock installation/ unlocking
  • Push bars installation/repair
  • Lock repair/replacement
  • Keyless entry systems

Contractual Services:

As a business owner, you may discover that it is difficult to keep track of your locks, keys and security. You may also forget to call a locksmith for much needed maintenance and upkeep. That’s where we can help.  Pro Locksmith Service provides contractual based maintenance and inspection services so that you will always have up to date security that minimizes risks. Want to learn more about how we can be of service to you? Then contact us today at 866-700-7337 and one of our expert New Jersey staff members will be happy to assist.

Copying Extra Sets of Keys

If you need an extra set of keys, like so many others, you likely wont be heading to the local locksmiths and be left with a quick copy of your key. Now days, keys require much more technology to reproduce. They are made by using high-security keys to serve as a layer of protection to better protect your company’s sensitive information to prevent should it from falling into  the wrong hands. If you have misplaced keys then go with a  company that not only cares, but also offers expert and reliable support.  At Pro Locksmith Service, we can replace your lost keys or create a copy of your current  keys so that you can have a spare in case of an emergency. Just give Pro Locksmith Service a call at 866-700-7337

Replacement or Repair of Entry Doors

An entry door is one of the most prominent features of any commercial business and says a lot about the overall appearance of your business. It is important that it is well maintained on a regular basis to  ensure a smooth flow when clients and employees are entering and exiting your facility.  However, there is more wear and tear due to the over use of this area. As a result, they are prone to more damage which could create a glitch, or a host of other expensive issues including lockouts. If you find that your doors are not working as efficiently as possible, please give us a call.  Pro Locksmith Service and our team of experts can assist you with both entry door repair or replacement service.

Keyless Commercial Entry Locks

Many prominent commercial businesses have keyless entry locks to create a secure and convenient entryway.  If you are located in Newark or the nearby area and are interested in something like this for your business, call us at 866-700-7337 today for a free evaluation and consultation.

24 Hour Commercial Locksmith

The tricky thing about using locks and keys is that they may stop functioning at any time and without any prior warning. And you  never know what kind of setbacks you may have when a lock gets jammed or you misplace your keys at the workplace. It could cause setbacks that could result in a loss of productivity or income. To prevent unforeseen setbacks at your office or workplace,  please give Pro Locksmith Service a call!

Commercial Eviction Service

If you are a property owner in the Newark area and are processing an eviction, we atPro Locksmith Service  understand and can help. If you are dealing with unbearable tenants then you will need a reliable locksmith to assist you with this process. We understand the compliance issues and are ready to assist,  just contact Pro Locksmith Service today.